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  • Cross Country - 2nd place at Woodside with a score of 31.80% Huge congrats Jordan!


  • Dressage - Earned 22.7 with a 10 and several 9's.
  • Stadium - 3rd place in his first Pre-lim event with a 29.7.
  • Cross Country - 2x Clean XC Run   



Dec. 31,2009, recent successes and updates.

  Dec. 31, 2009

2009 has been a challenging year yet filled with many successes.


Bravo had an exceedingly wonderful foal crop with 4 site champions and Bijoux de Bravo being tied for the 2nd highest score filly Nationwide with Old NA.  scroll down to the Glenhill Farms inspection.      Bravo foals continue to impress us but also the inspectors, owners, and breeders who see and work with them. With comments like these:

"Some people are still going to Germany to buy their young stock.  I haven't seen anything in Germany this year that moves like this!"  Christian Schacht, breeding director for ISR/OLD NA says regarding Bijoux de Bravo, 2009 filly by Bravo.

"Typical Bravo baby.  Lovely head, fantastic gaits, great engagement of the hind end!" says Christian Schacht, breeding director for Old NA, says regarding Bandari, 2009 filly bred by Kristen Black of Ohio.

 "Wow, what movement. Balanced, powerful, super active hind leg." says," says Christian Schacht, breeding director of Old NA, about Brimstone! 2009 colt out of a TB mare owned by Jessica Kinney.

...And owner comments like these:

 "He's 4 weeks old.  A sweet boy but lots of character!  We are so pleased with him!"  Dianne Walker of Banbury Farm.  Owner of Bodacious.

"I know I am so lucky! Two really nice ones!    I mean really well put together!   You should see her go too - it is like springs!" Barb Hanel of Elk Run Farm. Breeder of Bustier Barbie and Bacardi.  Both 2009 foals.

"He is huge and the sweetest baby we have ever had. You are lucky if all Bravo's babies have his disposition.   We LOVE DJ!!"  Susan

A HUGE THANK YOU  to all the breeders and congratulations on your lovely foals!  Please send us pictures and updates often!  Chris Smile


I think 2010 will be Bravo's most amazing year yet as he bred so many top quality mares.  2010 will also be Bravo's first year presenting foals to GOV (German Oldenburg Verband) .  It looks like at least 4 foals will be presented to Fairwind Farms inspection in Santa Rosa, CA.  I hope you can make it.

Bravo also bred some Arabian mares this year and I am super excited to see what he'll produce with these mares.  He has already proven himself well with warmblood and TB mares.

 Bravo is now in full training with Amber Levin and they are training at Lilo Fores' Farm in Santa Rosa, Ca.  Bravo and Amber will continue to train in cross training for the time but Amber really wants to show Bravo in jumping.  


Warrick is in full training with John Michael Durr and they are taking lessons with Lilo Fore.  Warrick will be showing in eventing for the 2010 season with John Michael.  It's been very difficult to do a lot of breeding with Warrick due to his training schedule.  In 2010 we're going to be more devoted to getting some Warrick foals on the ground since he is such a grand stallion in so many ways especially in eventing.  This stallion has the most amazing temperament and is exactly what we should be breeding in the US with so many adult amateurs  yet he doesn't give up anything in talent.

Fuerst Honour at 18 with her 2007 son Brando

This year we lost our belove Fuerst Honour.  This mare was truly a great mare.  Imported from Germany at the age of 3.  She suffered a shoulder injury which prevented her from being a competition horse and that is how she became a broodmare.  All of  her offspring were premium and usually the site champion.  Fuerst Honour had a stellar disposition which she passed on to her foals. 

Brando at 2 Years OldFuerst Honours 2007 son Brando, by Bravo,  attended his first breedshow this year winning his class with 79.9%.  He has been raised as a stallion propsect by Karen Deitrick of Three Points Farm  and will be presented to Old Na and RPSI in 2010.  This colt was officially named a stallion prospect at his foal inspection and will be Bravo' first son presented for breeding approval.  We all are excited to see how he does.  I have very high hopes for Brando and Karen! Smile 

Panzyr at 3 years old

I am so lucky to have her 2006 son Panzyr.   Panzyr did not pass his stallion test so was gelded.  He scored a 205.5 and needed a 210 to pass.  Honestly,  the inspectors were'nt thrilled with his type as he is old fashioned.  He is now my riding horse and I couldn't be more pleased. Panzyr and I are taking lessons from John Michael Durr at Sporthorse America.  Owned and operated by Lilo Fore.  Panzyr is such an incredible horse.  He performs for John Michael like a real performance horse.  Then I get on him and he acts like an old babysitter. Kiss  Exactly what I need and want!Cool





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